Descriptions in spanish (things and objects)

coloring things in Spanish

Hello there again; in this very new course we are going to see descriptions in Spanish for things; whether is a car, a condominium, a flat or a table. It is time to be able to describe things in detail and with the most important adjectives that we have in Spanish.

In order to do so, we are going to first see the names from the things that we have in a class; there are plenty of important things in a classroom that are taken to describe them, so this is gonna be our first step on the course.

Right after that, we are going to show you, the most basic and important adjectives, that we need to learn, in order to have a proper description of those things. Needless to say, those adjectives are used in any possible description of whatever surrounds us; it is just a matter of applying this new characteristic in the things that we have around.

Those characteristics include color and material, and we will see it all in these coming lessons.

Normally, the characteristics of a thing belong to it, so it will take us to the verb Ser, as it is a permanent description. Eventually, there is a temporary state in that thing that does not belong to it, so, be ready for seeing the verb Estar again; the temporary Vs permanent fight, seems that will never end, won’t it? Indeed it won’t as Ser and Estar are essential verbs in our language.

In addition, we will see the Spanish word’s order, that is not the same as it is in English; it is time to see it carefully, because our expression of the language is getting bigger, and so you are going to need more items to be able to express yourself correctly.

One more thing; in this course, we will also show you what happens in Spanish with the pronoun It; What? let’s see the course deeper and you will find this answer as well.

Color descriptions in Spanish

So, color descriptions in Spanish, they are very important indeed, because the color of a thing, it is a very basic characteristic of it.

On the course, we will see that there are two ways of telling the color of a thing. One is about having a proper description of the thing, or the other one, is giving an adjective to the noun -color-. In fact, both expressions completely mean the same, but is a different form of building it.

Whenever we are giving the right color descriptions in Spanish of objects, we will give a better idea/expression of the thing that we are referring to, without any doubt.

Object descriptions in Spanish

As has been said, we are going to show the most important adjectives in order to give very clear object descriptions in Spanish.

Those adjectives, whether they are permanent or are used in a temporary stage, can be quantified as well, so, we will show you those words that help us to have a more clear idea of what we are trying to express. It is the same saying: a big table, a quite big table or a very big table? is not, is it? We will see it all in these coming lessons as well.

Material descriptions in Spanish

Of course, the material that an object is made out of, it is also really important when it comes to the description of a thing. In this very course, all these vocabulary about material descriptions in Spanish will be given as well, and naturally, we will see how it is built grammatically.

So, let’s get ready to have a proper description of what is around us. We hope that this course will be as understandable as we pretended it to be, so that you might learn it easy and clear. 


Descriptions in spanish (things and objects)

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Descriptions in spanish (things and objects)