Spanish Vowels, Consonants & Pronunciation

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As every idiom in the world, Spanish has its own pronunciation rules. One of the most important things is the Spanish vowels pronunciation, and you will find very detailed information in order to freeze this sound in your mind. Obviously, these vowels also have their own pronunciation, depending on the consonant we are using them with. In this lesson you’ll find videos, audios, and written words to help you out in order to learn the right pronunciation of this new sound for your minds. 

At the end of this first pronunciation section, we will be able to read a Spanish text, of course, without understanding it, but having a proper pronunciation when reading. However, your pronunciation skill will develop itself, without any doubt, as we are improving our knowledge of Spanish.

Spanish vowel sounds

As we said previously, Spanish vowel sounds are the key of our pronunciation. Unlike English, where each vowel has a double sound but E, Spanish only has a single sound per vowel, which makes reading and speaking in Spanish an easy job.

Of course, the Spanish vowel sounds, will be determined, with the consonant that we are using the vowel with.

There are few characteristic sounds in Spanish, when the vowel comes along with a consonant. You will be surprised, also seeing that the pronunciation in Spain or Latin-America is a bit different, and we will show it all. One of the weirdest characteristics that you will find, is a sound that comes straight from your throat. Let’s see it clear in our lessons, it will be, way more fun, than giving you a description here about it.

The Y in Spanish

After seeing the proper sound of the vowels plus consonants, we will see the Y in Spanish. It is an interesting lesson and very important yet. Whenever the –Y- comes linked with a vowel or when it does it  by itself. 

Of course, also, an important part of our pronunciation, once we have seen the rules vowel Vs consonant, is the pronunciation of a word itself.

It is not a hard job, but it is also surprising to know that latin languages have a characteristic in their pronunciation, of course, having accents marks and sounds within the word. However, it is not an important part of our learning now to know all these pronunciation and accent rules; we will find it all, as the way we learn.

At the end of these lessons, we truly hope that you will be able to read a proper Spanish text without understanding its meaning, but having the right pronunciation, or, at least,  having understood those rules that they are the key for it. If you did understand it clearly, then, it will be just a matter of time to have that first Spanish footstep.

We hope that you enjoy this first pronunciation lesson, and it might help you to get addicted to Spanish :).

Vowels plus Consonants & Pronunciation

Consonants plus Vowels 1
Consonants plus Vowels 2
Ce, Ci/Za,Ze,Zi,Zo,Zu
Ge,Gi/Ja, Je, Ji, Jo, Ju
The Y in Spanish
The sound of a word
Spanish Vowels, Consonants & Pronunciation