Giving directions in Spanish

giving directions in spanish

It is time to express location in Spanish. Also, of course, a basic tool in our new language. Giving directions in Spanish, it is actually essential, as has been said, and very useful in communication terms. 

In this very new course, we are going to see something that we bet that it’s going to be very surprising for you; What verb would we be using when it comes to location? the permanent verb Ser or the temporary verb Estar? Under our experience, normally students say that is the verb Ser; it will be that one? The explanation about it, is at least, very curious, but this is what it is, so, here you will have it all explained.

Once we have understood all clearly how it works grammatically with the verb, we need to add vocabulary that is going to allow us to locate a thing or a person.

After that, we have taken vocabulary of our houses in order to start playing with all these location words.

It will be just a matter of using the right verb, and using the right position word, to tell where this thing is located.

In this course we are going to start to see a lot of prepositions coming linked with an article. In some of those cases, we need to see two new words that have a special form when it happens so…It is not very clear this description about it, we know it, but remember Al and Del. In these coming lessons you are going to see a detailed explanation about it and most important yet, when it is used.

At the end of this new course, we are going to see cardinal points in Spanish; It is also important, whenever we are trying to locate a city, a country, a continent, etc. 

How to say directions in Spanish? You will find it all, starting on the next page!!!

Prepositions of locations in Spanish

As we said, giving directions in Spanish, requires very specific vocabulary, needless to say, to be capable of expressing so.

Those prepositions of locations in Spanish, are all written here, well, at least the vocabulary that we thought that are more important in order to properly locate anything or anyone.

You might get surprised when you see the vocabulary about our houses in the course; We think that it is very easy to use, for example, our bedroom, to start locating everything that is around us: desk, television, window, etc. After that, it will be just a matter of applying from this knowledge, to be able to locate anything you like in your life.

Cardinal directions in Spanish

Cardinal points are also important when we want to give a clear idea of where something is located, isn’t it? We will see them all, once we have already explained how we have to deal with the location grammatically. 

Just to give you a small tip; in case that you do not know what it means a cardinal point, just think of north, south, east, etc.

Cardinal directions in Spanish will be given as well very often, especially when we are trying to locate a country, an area, and so on.

So, here comes location and all its tricks!!! As teachers, we believe that locating things is normally an exciting part of the students’ learning, and we hope that the course will keep this emotion up.

However, we hope that you might enjoy the course and remember that if you need some help with it, you can always book a class with a private spanish teacher in our platform.

Giving directions

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Giving directions in Spanish