Numbers and Age in Spanish

how to say your age in Spanish

In this course, we are going to learn how to ask and how to answer: how old are you?. It is a very common question and answer whenever you meet up a person. In Spanish terms, actually we build the expression in our very own way, way far from English; we bet that it will surprise you as well as asking the name with the verb -Llamarse-. Do not get scared, It is a very easy question and answer; It is just different. Needless to say, to express age in Spanish, we are going to be able to start counting numbers; we will see few of them, until a certain point, because for our Spanish matter, there is no need to be counting big numbers yet. There will be a time that they are going to be a must to know, but step by step.

Age in Spanish, can be actually asked and answered, also, describing the age as in English we do when we ask: what is your age?. There is just and again, a little of difference in the interrogative pronoun if we take English as a reference point for our learning. But it is a rare form that is used in specific stages. We will tell you about it, further on.

How to say your age in spanish

As we said previously, how to say your age in Spanish, is not a difficult issue, certainly; There is just a different expression from what we know in English where you ask: how old are you? Basically, you are describing your being, using the verb To Be, to ask and tell your age.

Let’s put it that way, in Spanish we are not years (we know that this seems weird to say), we have years. If you think twice, you won’t find it that weird actually, because the age belongs to us, so, the age that we are at the moment, is the age that we have. Different concepts, but as correct as any other different idea or expression. So, from here, you can already guess a bit the question: how many years do you have? This is it; We also need the interrogative pronoun -How many- to ask so. And the answer, of course, will be taken, giving the verb to have and the number right after. 

The verb To Have!!! This is the first time that we are going to see this verb in Spanish. It is a very useful verb, no need to tell, and we will be using it all the way in our Spanish communication. We are going to see the conjugation of it as well, of course.

As has already been told, we can actually describe our age as well, but, this expression is used more in a formal way. Whenever we have an interview, in a professional meeting, etc. It is important to know, of course, but using the verb To Have to ask or tell our age, it is gonna be now a must for your learning.


Numbers; of course we need to know numbers to express our age. We are going to learn how to count, up to 100; there is no need for more yet; Now is just a first use of Spanish and there will be a lot of material that has to be learnt before we learn how to count up to thousands or millions. There will be audios to give you a little help to get familiar with the sound of the numbers. It is helpful to try to memorize them in those lessons.

How to say your age in Spanish it is a funny job and more important yet, it is a basic expression in our new language. We hope that you find these lessons as useful as we expected them to be, and that you might enjoy the course! see you again!

Numbers & Age

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Numbers and Age in Spanish