Physical and personality traits in Spanish

physical and personality traits in spanish

It is time to start giving a description of physical and personality traits in Spanish. In this course we are going to give you the keys for having a proper explanation of Spanish physical traits, whether physically or in terms of personality as we had said. What do you think? having a description of a person in those terms, it requires the permanent or the temporary verb To Be…

If the answer does not come to your mind right now, we hope that after reading all these coming lessons, you will understand it all. We will also see some words that we use to quantify an adjective; it is not the same saying a little bit tall, very tall or quite tall, is it?

Here you will have the explanation of those words that will help us to get closer to the idea that we want to express in our communication.

Of course, as has been said, whenever we are having a description of a person, it does not only depend on physical traits, also, the personality of that person is very important when this matter comes to us.

Spanish physical traits

First of all, we will be able to describe a person, and give a clear idea of her/his physical characteristics using the most common adjectives for this specific issue.

Not only those adjectives will be used to explain Spanish physical traits; it won’t matter where we come from, we will have all the adjectives needed to describe a person from any nationality in the world, needless to say.

However, Spanish physical traits are quite cute, or well, this is what people have told us 😉 ; that is a joke, of course, any country and their people have a beautiful singularity as Spaniards have.

For all that, we will see that whenever it comes to hair or eyes description that we have two ways to describe it; using the verb To Be and using the verb To Have as in English we do have as well; What is more common in those two ways?

Well, it is pretty much the same when physical description comes; it is just a matter of having a right and a proper use of it in any of those ways.

Is really interesting to be capable of giving physical and personality traits in Spanish, isn’t it?

Personality traits in Spanish

And naturally, here we also find adjectives of personality traits in Spanish. It is not a minor thing; expressing personality traits in Spanish, it’s basic in terms of communication in any language all over the world. We hope that you’d have all the needs for this matter in these lessons; at least, that was our purpose when we wrote the course and we sincerely believe so.

As for physical adjectives, we will also see those words that help us to quantify the adjective; It is not the same saying a bit funny, very funny or quite funny, is it? Again, these words will help us to give a closer idea in our expression.

Anyway, we hope that you might enjoy the course, and that when you finish it, you will be already capable of describing people in both, personality and physic terms, or at least, you will have it all understood grammatically, so, it will be just a matter of practice to speed your knowledge up.

Remember that you always have the chance of having your private tutor with us if it is needed from your side.

Physical and personality traits in Spanish