Professions in Spanish

professions in spanish

In this course, we are going to see professions in Spanish. First of all, we will show you, the most common very Spanish form of asking your profession. Somehow it is surprising, but, it does make sense if you pay attention to the expression: What are you dedicated to? It is weird, right? Well, as we said, it does make sense to ask what do you dedicate your time to, when working. As we have told you in another course, it is important to know what we are actually asking, because we have found many people that actually think that we are just asking what is your profession when telling so. It is important, as has been told, to understand the language from the bottom, in every expression of the language; We think that in the future, will make the understanding of the language way easier if we do so.

However, we are going to see that there are more expressions in order to ask your profession, not just that one. Also, as in English we do, we can describe our profession using the verb To Be; only one small difference, the interrogative pronoun, It is not the same as the one we use in English: What is your profession? What do you think? Which pronoun will Spanish speaking people use to ask so? It is interesting to find out. 

There is, even, a very common question made and weird in our eyes yet, to ask and tell professions: What are you? this is it; Well, actually in our minds, it does sound very weird, because the thing that you do for making your living in life, does not make your being. We will answer: What are you? We are human beings that try to teach as fine as possible ;). Anyway, it is a very common way of asking your profession.

Giving an answer about our profession, will take us to the verb To Be again, of course. What do you think, Estar or Ser will be used to tell our profession? In our experience, people normally think that is a temporary expression, so Estar is the one; Some other people say that professions are told , within a permanent expression; Let’s see what the lesson says about it…temporary, permanent? 

And sure, once we have it all grammatically clear, and once we have already checked all the expressions that we use to ask our profession It is time to see different professions in Spanish.

Gender of professions in Spanish

Into the lesson, we are going to see the most common professions in Spanish; well, this is not actually true, but we did write down a list with the professions that in these first stages of our learning, going to be more used in our eyes. Of course, there are thousands of names of occupations in Spanish as in any other language, but it is just a matter of finding yours, in case that yours is not listed here, and use it as the way it is explained grammatically. Professions in Spanish also have gender; remember the masculine/feminine rule, and you will find yours depending on your sex. We will review the explanation about how to convert a masculine word into feminine in Spanish, in case that you have forgotten it. But remember that the A matters in this issue.

We hope that this lesson is as clear as we expected it to be and that you have enjoyed our explanation of it; There is not much of a secret to express our profession as it is a very simple description of it, as in English it is: I am a Student…this is it.  See you in another course!


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