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Contact us and book a 1-on-1 class with our Spanish tutors. Let’s study together to achieve your Spanish language goals. Many of our students have gone on to Cambridge IGCSE, GCSE, IB Ab Initio, IB B SL/HL and DELE.

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The Spanish Academy method is focused on online courses, videos and lessons, including progress feedback. We offer private tutors online to maximize your learning. We are a team of professional native Spanish teachers with extensive experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Our goal is to guarantee your successful progress towards becoming a confident Spanish speaker, and to provide you with the ultimate online learning experience.

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Top 5 reasons for kids to learn Spanish

As a parent/teacher you want to give your children every possible advantage. Spanish is a great choice and learning it now will make it easier for your students to learn additional languages later in life!

Whether your children become teachers, doctors, lawyers, police officers, entrepreneurs… speaking Spanish will give them an advantage in their career.

The best way to learn Spanish fast!

Learn everywhere

E-learning is one of the most efficient learning practices due to its flexibility and you can learn from anywhere in the world. You'll need internet connection and a computer, that's it.

Save time

One of the best parts of learning online is the time you save going to any school. Take your computer, login at our platform and start learning.

Accelerated learning

At Spanish Academy we offer online courses on our platform, delivered by experienced private tutors who are able to track your progress. This method is one of the most efficient ways to learn a language.

Private tutor

Our platform allows you to book an online class with one of our experienced tutors at anytime. They are always here to help you improve your learning.

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