Cute things to say in Spanish


If you ever have a speaking Spanish boyfriend or  girlfriend, not our case right now, it is a must to learn cute things to say in Spanish. There are quite a lot actually, but we are going to focus on those that come easily to our minds. 

First of all, we need to say that depending on the speaking Spanish country that you are in, those sweet things to say in Spanish change. They actually have the same meaning, but the expression is different; Anyway, we are going to show you the Spaniard World of cuteness when speaking.

However, those cute things to say in Spanish are a good thing to know when you have a partner or if you are trying to get to know and flirt a person eventually; there is nothing wrong when using them, just take care when and with who you are using them, because if there is a slap, we do not want to feel responsible of it ;).

Cute things to say to your boyfriend in Spanish

So, here it comes cute things to say to your boyfriend in Spanish. Let’s begin with cariño. It is probably the most used noun between couples in Spain. Even though it is a masculine noun, it is used for men and women indistinctly.  

The meaning of it in English is sweetie. There is something about it; we do not think that sweetie is actually used in English, the way that we do. Probably is because of our lack of English knowledge, but, the meaning of it when it comes to our minds, is something that you could easily say to your friends; in Spanish, unlike English (if we have gotten the meaning right), this noun is barely used with friends; Let’s put it more only in a love/relationship world. So, as we said, cariño, is sweetie, but the actual meaning of this noun/expression in Spanish is showing love, affection or predilection to somebody.

Cute things to say in Spanish
Picture of a couple

Another very used noun is amor. This is also a masculine noun that is used for women and men and the meaning of it in English as you probably know, is love. In our minds, amor has a stronger meaning than cariño, but honestly, we do not really use those words often, maybe that’s why we have not gotten love as we should have had :). In some other speaking Spanish countries, they use a short/diminutive word of amor; amorcito, amorcete (which is very Spanish from Spain), so on; but the meaning of it at the end of the day, is the plain word amor, it is just a cultural thing how people use it.

One more that just came up to our idea of cuteness: tesoro. This masculine noun, it is used again for women and men indistinctly, and the English meaning of it is treasure. We do not think that the English world has this expression, at least, we have never heard it in our lives. It is quite common for Spaniards to say so, maybe sounds a bit old in our minds, but when you are on the top of the wave of love, no one thing gets actually old; love calls it romanticism ;). Do you see it? You can start using them and try to get laid faster than you have ever thought!!! :P.

Jokes aside, there are more cute things to say in Spanish to your boyfriend,  but in Spain we’d say that those are pretty common.

Cute things to say to your girlfriend in Spanish

As we said right above, all these cute nouns, cariño, amor and tesoro, are used for men and women indistinctly, so, there you have also  cute things to say in Spanish to your girlfriend as well. 

Something more came up to our minds just now, forgive us please: corazón. It is again a masculine noun that is used for both genders in Spanish, and the meaning of it in English is heart; we actually bet that you already knew it because there are many famous Spanish songs that, needless to say, use corazón in their lyrics. Corazón is commonly used in Spanish cuteness world when love comes to our lives, so there you have our fourth.

Sweet words in Spanish

Love, love, love…so, love it is. We have shown you just a small piece of sweet words in Spanish; of course, there are many more words but, honestly, nothing comes to our minds.
We think that it is time to download Tinder or some other dating app to see if we can start developing our speaking Spanish loving skills :).

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